Chatbots in business informatics

Chatbots in business informatics

Kuligowska K. (ed.), Chatbots in business informatics: implementation, measures, applications, Laboratorium Wiedzy Artur Borcuch, Kielce 2022

The main obstacle in implementing chatbots in the structure of an organization opening up to conversational artificial intelligence is the lack of standardization of their implementation. The step to overcome this barrier is to create a uniform implementation path and clear criteria for assessing the quality of the implemented chatbot, which covers the substantive content of this monograph.

Virtual assistant on the Web

Virtual assistant on the Web.
Functioning, implementation, cost-benefit analysis

Kuligowska K. Virtual assistant on the Web. Functioning, implementation, cost-benefit analysis, Warsaw 2011

Virtual assistants, so called conversational agents or chatterbots, constitute computer applications that employ artificial intelligence techniques to provide assistance on business webpages. This book provides entrepreneurs with complete and reliable empirical knowledge of costs and benefits concerning a commercial implementation of the virtual assistant.

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