Course form:

Computer lab workshops.



Course description:

The participants will learn the methods of designing and building websites using the available tools. Web design and creation allows presenting various information on the Internet. Coursework covers learning the basics of creating websites through mastery of XHTML structure and the ability of understanding the code, as well as the use of dynamic website elements and publishing websites on the Internet.



Course outline:


1.    XHTML. Formatting fonts, paragraphs, and lists.


2.    XHTML. Hypertext links, tables and graphics.


3.    XHTML. Creating forms. Cascading stylesheets.


4.    Web design: professional website design in practice.


5.    Dynamic website elements.


6.    Publishing web pages on the Internet. Validation.


7.    Creating and customizing a fully-functional website.




Castro E., Po prostu HTML, XHTML i CSS, Helion

Cederholm D., Kuloodporne strony internetowe, Helion

Meyer E. A., CSS według Erica Meyera. Sztuka projektowania stron WWW, Helion

Duckett J., Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Wrox

Shea D., Holzschlag M. E., The Zen of CSS Design, Peachpit Press

Schultz D., Cook C., Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML, Springer



End of Course Assessment:

Creating a fully-functional website. Exam involves the practical application of knowledge and skills learned in coursework.