Course form:

Computer lab workshops.



Course description:

The participants will learn basic methods and techniques of artificial intelligence and their business applications. Coursework covers contemporary trends in the development of artificial intelligence, results of current research and practical skills in conducting simple artificial intelligence projects.



Course outline:


1.    Artificial Intelligence. Tasks. Methods. Technology.


2.    E-commerce intelligent agents.


3.    Natural Language Processing. Speech processing.


4.    Conversational Agent. Virtual assistant.


5.    Text Mining. Web Mining.


6.    Sentiment analysis and opinion mining.


7.    Artificial intelligence in eCRM.




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Millington I., Funge J., Artificial Intelligence for Games, CRC Press

Russell S., Norvig P., Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall



End of Course Assessment:

Creating a multimedia presentation on a selected topic in the field of artificial intelligence. Exam involves the practical application of knowledge and skills learned in coursework.