Course form:

Computer lab workshops.



Course description:

The participants will learn the methods of building effective and professional-looking business presentations in PowerPoint, including graphical and socio-technical principles of their construction. Coursework covers creating and formatting presentations, designing presentation templates and slide masters, as well as configuring and running online slideshows.



Course outline:


1.    Creating and formatting presentations.


2.    Principles of building effective and professional-looking presentations.


3.    Creating and working with slide masters.


4.    Designing presentation templates.


5.    Creating multimedia presentations and online slideshows.


6.    MS PowerPoint and other MS Office programs.


7.    Creating and customizing a professional business presentation.




Kopertowska M., Grafika menedżerska i prezentacyjna, Mikom

Munter M., Paradi D., Prezentacje w programie PowerPoint, Wolters Kluwer

Williams R., Prezentacja, która robi wrażenie. Projekty z klasą, Helion

Abela A., Advanced Presentations by Design, Pfeiffer

Atkinson C., Beyond Bullet Points, Microsoft Press

Gabrielle B. R., Speaking PowerPoint: The New Language of Business, Insights Publishing



End of Course Assessment:

Creating a professional business presentation. Exam involves the practical application of knowledge and skills learned in coursework.