Course form:

Computer lab workshops.



Course description:

The participants will learn the methods of building dynamic hypertext documents using JavaScript. This programming language extends the capabilities of the web development. Coursework covers learning the basics of creating scripts through mastery of JavaScript structure and the ability of understanding the code, as well as the ability to design and use of dynamic elements.



Course outline:


1.    Basic structure of scripts in JavaScript. Events. Functions.


2.    Dialog boxes. Variables. Operators. Conditional instructions.


3.    Loops. Objects - properties and methods. Object hierarchy.


4.    Object reference - names and arrays. Form validation. Window object.


5.    Interactive hypertext documents. Cookie files access.


6.    Server-side JavaScript. Game programming.


7.    Writing and testing scripts.




Flanagan D., JavaScript - przewodnik programisty, RM

Lis M., JavaScript. Ćwiczenia praktyczne, Helion

Negrino T., Smith D., Po prostu JavaScript, Helion

Crockford D., JavaScript: The Good Parts, O'Reilly Media

Lagerstrom L., Programming the Web Using XHTML and JavaScript, McGraw-Hill

Pollock J., JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide, McGraw-Hill



End of Course Assessment:

Exam involves the practical application of knowledge and skills learned in coursework.