Course form:

Computer lab workshops.



Course description:

The participants will learn how to use MS Excel spreadsheet in an office environment and for business analysis. Using a spreadsheet allows creating efficient and organized workbooks, easy to modify and manage. Coursework covers real-world business problems and includes collaborative editing, business budgeting, charts, pivot tables, data analysis and reporting through the use of analytical and computational capabilities of MS Excel.



Course outline:


1.    Spreadsheet structure: cells, functions, formulas. Creating invoices.


2.    Creating and editing reports. Charts.


3.    Sales reports analysis. Pivot tables.


4.    Collaborative editing. Data consolidation.


5.    Loan repayment schedule. Optimization.


6.    Product cost calculation and business budgeting.


7.    MS Excel and other MS Office programs.




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End of Course Assessment:

Exam involves the practical application of knowledge and skills learned in coursework.